Cleopatra Slots

Cleopatra doesn't need any introduction, but if you're new to the online world of slots, you may be interested to know that she appears quite often. She's not the only person from the world (whether for real or in myth) to appear in slot games either. Caesar, Achilles, and all the Greek and Norse gods tend to show up frequently too.

But cleopatra is one of the key characters to appear quite often. We wanted to know why players tend to head for slots featuring this lady, and we've got some answers for you here.

She's associated with ancient Egypt

This is another huge theme in slot games, and since the two tie together quite easily, it makes sense that some online slot developers would use them both. Ancient Egyptian slots tend to be very colorful too, offering beetles, pharaohs, treasure, and pyramids wherever you look.

There is enough potential for some fascinating bonus games

You might find free spins in Cleopatra slots too, but the bonus games certainly have plenty of inspiration to draw on. The pyramids are among the most popular entries into the bonus realm here, with Cleopatra sometimes featuring just in the base game and often in the bonuses as well. It depends on the game structure.

Most developers have created slots featuring Cleopatra

Some go for a far more detailed and well-developed game than others, but this merely means you can find something to suit your requirements. You might see a straightforward game with no bonuses or special features or an involved game with a lot more to offer. Cleopatra tends to appear as a wild most often, no matter how complex the game happens to be.

Cleopatra is used as a starting point

She does feature in plenty of slots and can be quite powerful when she appears. However, while some take her as the focus of the game, others use her as inspiration when developing a bigger and bolder slot to offer their players. If you want to try some Cleopatra slots online, you'll find lots of them if you simply search for that term.

Be warned though - once you begin playing Cleopatra slots, whether in demo format or as the real thing - you may realize they're among your favorites. Play and see.