Age of the Gods Slots

Have you heard of Age of the Gods? If you've tried even one or two online slots or visited an online casino or two, you probably have heard of it. This is the name of the original slot game in the series, but it also acts as the first part of several longer titles. With Playtech at the helm for all those titles, it's easy to begin digging up some of the reasons for their popularity.

They're based on mythology

This must surely be one of the most popular slot game themes around just now. You'll meet all kinds of gods during the series, including Apollo, Pandora, and the king of Olympus himself. This is a theme that gives plenty of potential for players looking to meet various characters that might already seem familiar to them.

Gods and goddesses

This continues from the point we made above, that some of the characters do introduce gods and goddesses. You can meet the goddess of wisdom, for example, along with the Fate Sisters (otherwise known as the Fates), and the prince of Olympus.

With Pegasus, the winged horse, appearing in one game and Medusa, she of the snake-filled hair, in another, the journey of discovery continues throughout each title.

The slots are filled with countless features

These vary depending on the game you've chosen to play, but a quick glance over the possibilities revealed such treats as Mega Reels, wilds, sticky symbols, giant symbols, respins, and plenty more as well. Some of the slots go for six reels too rather than just five, so that's another element to watch out for.

Watch out for Norse titles too

There are well over a dozen Age of the Gods slot games in the series so far. Towards the more recent end of the releases, you'll find a few Norse titles to replace the Greek myths tackled up to that point. These include the King of Asgard, the Ways of Thunder, and Gods and Giants.

With several titles featuring a progressive jackpot as well, it becomes quite easy to

see why Age of the Gods has become arguably the leading series of online slots to check out. You'll find many of the titles at any good Playtech casino online today. You can try most of them in demo mode but be ready to make some real wagers too if you fancy it. The gods and monsters await.