Buffalo Slots

The Buffalo slot game has earned plenty of searches online, as we recently discovered while looking through slot game search terms. We also realized there must be a reason why people are looking for the game, so we decided to try and find out why.

You can try a demo of Buffalo slots if you wish, and it is the ideal way to work out whether this slot holds enough promise for you.

There are four progressive jackpots to try for

We know there are never good odds for winning one of these as far as players are concerned, but honestly, with four of them up for grabs, you could play the game and know they're there to be won.

The creator, Aristocrat, also has a demo version, as we mentioned above, so you can experience every inch of the game before you place any real coins on it.

Five reels, four symbols per reel

Yes, one more symbol per reel than you might have thought. This means the Way Win format goes up to an impressive 1,024 on each spin.

As for betting, the total wager for each spin is one of 20 values, going from 0.40 per spin to a whopping 1,200 per spin.

Look out for a wild mountain sunrise

This is the substitute symbol that appears on the middle three reels but not on reels one or five. It replaces everything apart from the gold coin, as this is the bonus symbol.

If you find three, four, or five of the coins in play anywhere in view in a spin, you'll receive eight, 15, or 20 free games. If you reach this part of the Buffalo slot game, you'll find any wilds appearing will carry a 2x or 3x multiplier. So, if one appears in a winning combination, you'll receive the relevant multiplier in play.

Furthermore, another two bonus coins appearing in any free spin give you a further five freebies to play. The maximum free spin quantity is an impressive 999 spins. Even if you trigger a few repeats and don't get anywhere near the maximum, you c

ould still enjoy plenty of free games.

Try the Buffalo slot online today and see what you think

It looks like the progressive jackpots fall randomly rather than being awarded in an extra bonus game. So, you know they're there, but you can largely ignore them as you play. If one of them did drop while you were playing, we think you'd soon know about it. Check out the Buffalo slot today to find out more about its potential.