Mystic Gems Slots

Mystic Gems Slots

Mystical slot games are always a delight to play, but does the Mystic Gems slot take us in this direction? We are going to find out today, as we explore the chance to find out how the game works and whether it might rank as an entertaining one to play. Come with us as we learn the answers.

Who's the developer?

We can name Wager Gaming as the developer here, also going by the letters WGS, as you might see those as well.

Demo practice guaranteed

Wager Gaming doesn't let us down here, offering the practice version of the game with plenty of credits to see you through a decent session.

The theme is already out there

With gems featured in the title, all we need to do is to find out how they come into play during the game. It's a colorful one though, for sure.

Do they give us a reasonable design?

It's not the most complicated one we have ever come across, but the game does have a good time using various gems of assorted colors. They've gone for a simple appearance, yet it does still look great.

Playing the Mystic Gems slot game

Five reels load in a few seconds, but you won't get any progressive jackpot prizes on the screen along with them.

A beetle in gold is wild during the game - an odd addition but easy to see at least. It can only land on the middle three reels. It might land in one, two, or all three positions though. It subs for everything else in the game - all those gems included - but not the scatter.

How many lines can you play on?

There are 10, and the best thing about these is that they pay both ways. This m

eans you can line up prizes from the fifth reel as well as from the first.

Coins for all players?

We think so, as they go from the lowest penny wager per line up to $5 per line.

Look for the INFO button if you want to see the paytable

We always recommend you look at the table first if you need to - and you should if you're new to the game. The info button is where you'll find it.

Watch out for the mystery bonus…

Or should we say the Mystery Multiplier feature. If you get the scatter symbol in all three spots on the middle reel, you receive a random award. The scatter can only land on that reel. You'll receive anything from the value of the triggering spin bet to 500x the bet.

Respins replace free spins in Mystic Gems

Can you find a full stack of wilds on one of those three reels? If you can, they'll stay in position, and you get some respins. You get two, three, or four respins depending on the numbered reel you found them on. The wilds stay put for all those spins.

An impressive RTP

The game offers 97% as the return to player value.

Our rating for this slot game

It has simple features in many senses, but you'll love the various elements in action throughout the game. Simple doesn't mean boring in this case, and we give Mystic Gems 8/10 to reflect this.

What is the prize potential like?

The most you can hope for is 600x your bet… but that is for a single line. We guess you could get that in more than one place in a spin, right?

Play the demo of Mystic Gems today

You'll see why the approach they've taken to creating this game works so well, and why we gave it that score.

Real play is available at WGS casinos

With a penny wager on each line, you can try the game for real at all casinos offering games from Wager Gaming.

Mobile access to Mystic Gems

The game works well across all platforms, including iOS and Android on smartphones and tablets.