VegasRush Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

How often does your average Joe take a vacation to Las Vegas? It's reputation as a chic escape from ordinary life to a dangerous counter life that fulfills all of our shadow selves. The confident self, the self that seeks to live out his or her reverie. We're taught to work for the small moments, but we as humans are truly alive during these colossal moments of freedom. During these moments we can be our unhinged and untethered selves to spend our hard-earned money and invest it in a way that could result in a life-changing experience for us all. That is why the danger, magic, smog, and allure of Las Vegas appear in media again and again. It's why people flood there year after year to visit and experience the city themselves because what happens there, stays there! The developers at Vegas Rush Casino know this. They know the user is engaging in online gambling to experience that casino endorphin rush. Vegas Rush Casino is absolutely drowning in 3d graphics. Their homepage presents to the user an abundance of colorful games right off the bat. Thie site keeps it simple, and straightforward. There's no distracting theme, just quality games to transport you right onto Sin City's strip.

So Many Bonuses, Even One From Dean Martin Himself

All you have to do is join them, and they'll grant you a one hundred dollar welcome. In addition to that, you get a 250% first deposit bonus. This means you'll get up to as much as one thousand dollars on top of your initial deposit.

If you love bitcoin as much as the rest of the world, you get a whole 525% deposit bonus plus a one hundred dollar valued free chip.

Remember, this is Vegas, and Vegas isn't complete without some star power. On this site, you can link up with one of the show businesses most legendary faces, the famous Dean Martin. If you complete four bonus offers you can start a level one Dean Martin Club member. With this membership, Dean will use his star power to get you access to your dedicated site host. This host will answer all and every question you might have. You'll get a fifty-dollar free Dean Martin welcome chip. Best of all, being a member of this club you can monthly insurance on your deposits. Not to mention, every single month you are eligible to get fifteen percent of your deposits back, a 20/50x play-through, and a times two Maximum cashout! It definitely pays to be in with a star!

Monthly Promotions, and More Bonuses

Thie site also offers monthly promotions from the creators of Prosperous Bloom. You can access a 375% bonus plus a 100 dollar free chip, a 425% bonus with a 100 dollar free chip, and at least a 475% bonus with a 100 dollar free chip. They really live up to their name and help their users bloom prosperously. Redeem them now by making your deposit.

Remember, this is Viva Las Vegas and a Las Vegas-themed site. So it wouldn't be complete without a Vegas bonus. Lucky, they offer so many vegas themed bonuses be prepared to be seeing the sin city strip in your sleep.

With the Vegas bonus, you get up to an insane 1300 % re-deposit bonus! You get a 250% 1st deposit bonus, a 300% 2nd deposit bonus, a 350% 3rd deposit bonus, and lastly on your fourth deposit you get a 400% bonus!

Remember, the bonuses don't stop here. I have tons more to explain. One of them is named for the best time of the day, Happy hour! Make sure to log in during Happy Hour! this happens Sunday through Tuesday and you'll receive a 400 % bonus plus a 100 dollar free chip.

The lovely folks at this virtual casino also teamed up with MasterCard, bringing you a 500% deposit bonus and a one hundred dollar free ship. There's also an Amex promo, giving the user a 500% deposit bonus plus a one hundred dollar chip, and a 200% no rules bonus plus a one hundred dollar free chip, one of the more unique bonuses offered on this site.

Remember, this is Las Vegas, and Vegas is not to be outdone by anyone. Make sure to watch out for Vegas Rush hour! During this time there's a 100% no play, no max bonus. There's also a vegas city special with a 375 deposit bonuses. There's a Vegas Wonder bonus which offers a 350 % bonus on 50 dollars or more deposits and a 75 dollar free chip. The Vega bonuses don't stop for anything, with a Vegas Weekend bonus giving the user a 325% deposit of 35 dollars or a 375% deposit of one hundred dollars.

Perfect 3D graphics, Creative Game Themes

Besides these bonuses, the 3d graphics will not be upstaged by all the savings. To start the user right off, on the homepage the games presented to us are all creative, optical 3D wonders. You can tell these developers took their time crafting each game to perfection before allowing them on this site. At the top of the site is a game provider link, here you can see Vegas Rush enlisted several talented gaming companies to help them develop each one to be pleasing to the eye, ear, and wallet. Try your luck out with a variety of themes. Be engulfed in the water art design of prosperous bloom, and abandon the western world. If that's not your cup of tea, check out Sea Treasures, for an underwater experience with a cartoonish yet fierce-looking hungry shark. If aquatic life isn't for you, scroll down to "Take The Kingdom." This game, to put it curtly, is a fantasy Middle Ages style 3d game, offering dragons, fire, and more fantastical details. Feeling festive? There are two holiday games, one including Gift From Santa, and another Stay Frosty. With thee games and graphics, you'll find yourself walking through a winter wonderland and revisiting the warmth of a childhood Christmas. Thai Blossom is a refreshing theme, delicate and feminine, portraying the nature and serenity we in the western world often ignore in our fast-paced reality.

Maybe you need another escape? Try Return To Paris, and observe a battle between the righteous and the amoral thieves in the mean streets of France. Check out the stunning graphics under virtual moonlight. Maybe if you don't enjoy Paris, you'll hop over and experience Rome instead. Tower of Fortuna will bring you to right to Italy to observe the beautiful towers and pillars yourself. I don't know if I've made it clear, but there is an endless variety of 3d themes. Other themes include horror movie ice cream, a Hispanic outlaw theme, a pre-historic dinosaur game, a deep jungle cat theme, and a glamorous heist theme featuring a beautiful blonde woman. They cut no corners developing every bright 3D graphic, sound effect, color, and aesthetic detail.

Check out Vegasrush Casino for great bonuses, 3d games, and more fun.