Fortune Frog Slots

Fortune Frog Slots

Just how much could a Fortune Frog bring you in prizes, we wonder? That is what we aim to answer, among other questions, in this review of the Fortune Frog online slot game. We can reveal that the loading screen confirms that it comes from Dragon Gaming and Wager Gaming, as both names appear there. Does that mean we have a winner on our hands?

Don't expect tons of reels or lines

Just three reels load on the screen when the game is ready to begin. It's an impressive screen though, with a golden frog sitting above the reels in 3D. A string of Chinese coins with the hole through the middle hangs from either side of the reels as well. And as the information underneath the reels confirms, there is only one payline here.

Three pots of gold

These pots are each worth prizes if you find three of any color - red, purple, or green - on the payline. You could also receive a prize for any mixed combination of those pots of gold.

Be aware that some spins may result in symbols landing that are only partially in view, in which case they do not count toward a prize. Similarly, if a blank space lands, this doesn't count for anything either.

The golden frog with a coin in its mouth bodes well

This is the wild symbol, and it substitutes for everything else in the game. You also stand a chance of receiving a random multiplier should it help you create a winning line. This multiplier could be 5x, 8x, or 10x, but it won't always happen this way.

You may be fortunate and land two wilds on the line with a fully blank space in the other position. If this should happen, the frogs stay in place while the reel showing the blank space spins until you create a winning combination. This means that if a respin sees another blank or partially in view symbol land, you'll get another respin… and on it goes until a winning combo is seen.

Play the Fortune Frog slot as a demo first

You'll see how the symbols sometimes land only partially in view, as we explained

above. You can only play one coin per spin, and with a quarter as the lowest value, this is pricier to play than lots of other similar games. It looks like the best prize pays out for three wild frogs, but this is in keeping with other slots we've played.

With a few free spins via the practice game, you'll soon know whether the Fortune Frog slot is going to grab your attention, or whether it might prove to be a welcome diversion for a while.