Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

Ultimate 10x Wild is about as dramatic a title as we have ever seen for an online slot game. The word ultimate certainly tells us a lot about it - it aims to be the best it can be, and even to beat many others of its kind. And that 10x part holds promise as well.

So, we decided to put the game through its paces and our tests, so we could see if it lived up to that title. It doesn't disappoint, so let's tell you what we found out.

Let's reveal the developer name to begin with

If we tell you that this game comes from WGS - Wager Gaming - you might have an idea of how the title points to some features within the game.

Demo gaming also available

While you can launch straight into the standard game, you can try the practice one beforehand to see if it suits your budget and preferences.

What's the theme?

There isn't much of one here, but it does form part of a series from WGS involving multipliers, so that might tempt you to keep reading…

A bold design comes into view when you load the game

This is based on an old-style slot machine - the design even includes the handle to the right of the machine on your screen. Expect buttons for the controls at the bottom of the screen as well.

How to play Ultimate 10x Wild slots

The game offers three reels to spin, as you might have figured out by now. Even though the game only offers a basic format, it comes with two wilds. One of those says 3x and the other says 10x, each one appearing inside an oval. Keep an eye out for those as you play; they're hugely important.

One other thing to mention is the appearance of a progressive jackpot above the reels. This gives you a must-win by $25k jackpot, so the closer it gets, the sooner it is going to be before it drops…

Guess the payline quantity…

If you guessed there would be one, you were correct.

Choose how many coins to bet on the line

The game allows players to use one, two, or three coins for the line. We always play with three coins, albeit at cheaper amounts for each one. You can go from a cent to five dollars in this area of the game.

Paytable details

The big prizes appear above the reels. These offers the top prizes (other than the progressive) for one, two, and three coins played. You can also get details of the wilds there, along with an invite to view more pays. Tap or click on that and see the other smaller prizes on the next screen.

Are there any bonus features here?

It's worth mentioning those wilds. They do replace other symbols, but one of the 3x wilds brings that multiplier into play. Finding one of the 10x wilds pays that amount too. But you can also combine multipliers to get bigger ones. For example, two 3x on the reels will bring 9x the usual amount. Find two of the 10x wilds and you'll get 100x the amount. Even one of each work together to bring you 30x the amount.

No free spins available

Nothing of the kind appears in this game.

RTP for the game

It looks like the return to player percentage for Ultimate 10x Wild is 96.5%, so it did rank a bit higher than we thought it might.

Our rating: Is it worth playing this game?

We liked this one a lot, with the wilds, multipliers, and jackpots all looking good. Worthy of seven points out of 10, in our opinion.

What is the biggest prize worth?

The jackpot could reach $25k at most, as we know. However, the regular paytable prizes are significant too. The best combo sees three 10x wilds on the line, as this pays out 30,000x your bet.

Demo action awaits

It's cool to have the chance to play the practice version of Ultimate 10x Wild as it really does bring home the fact that it feels bigger than a three-reel slot.

Play for real from a penny per go

We do suggest playing three coins if you can though, as the prizes are bigger. You can still play each spin from just three cents if you do this.

Mobile action

Can you tap your way to a major prize on Android or iOS devices? Try it and see…