Ten Times Wins Slots

In the world of online slot games, a prize worth 10x your bet isn't too bad, but it is far from being one of the biggest prizes you might get. So, where does the Ten Times Wins slot game fall into the mix here? Does it deliver a game experience you'll want to have repeatedly? Let's see.

Can you guess the name of the developer?

If you were wondering whether it came from Rival, you got that part right.

It comes with a demo

This means you're able to try it out to find out whether it has all the hallmarks of a memorable slot game for you to play.

Does it have a great theme?

There isn't a huge amount here on the theme front, but we can tell you it has a classic feel. There are several icons you'll recognize - think bar symbols, cherries, and some sevens.

Does this mean the design disappoints?

No, not if you're ready for a classic game with a solid appearance. This one certainly delivers on that score, especially with plenty of color, gold touches around the reels, and lots more besides.

How to play the Ten Times Wins slot game

The first thing you can guess is that it comes with three reels. However, it adopts a 3 x 3 format, so it's bigger than we were expecting. You won't find any progressive jackpots here, but there are jackpot amounts in the paytable. We'll cover those later in our review.

First, though, we can point to the oval 10x logo for the game, featuring Ten Times Wins written all around it. This is your wild, and if you were hoping for a 10x multiplier, you're going to be delighted as it does take on that role. There are no other special icons anywhere in the game other than the gold 10x icon, which triggers the jackpot.

Paylines in Ten Times Wins

This game has three lines, each one going horizontally across the three reels, so they appear on top of one another.

Bets to choose from

The game offers penny wagers if you want them, although there are plenty of coins available to look through. You can choose between one and three coins per line as well. You'll see how this affects any possible prizes by viewing the relevant column in the paytable.

Is the paytable easy to reach?

Yes, it's to the right of the game reels. You can always see it there, so there is no need to go to another page to read through it.

Any bonus features?

No, only the wild symbol carrying the 10x multiplier, subbing for all other icons in the game.

What about some free spins

No, you won't see any of those in the game.

What about the return to player value?

The RTP seems to vary depending on where you get your info from. We've seen a couple of sources saying that it comes in just under 95%, while a couple more say it falls at around 95.5%.

Our rating for Ten Times Wins

This is a cool game if all you want is something simple that has a twist. With the giant multiplier in action, you can expect some bigger prizes to land occasionally if it turns up on the reels in a winning line.

Speaking of winning lines, what's the best outcome?

The game has that jackpot symbol, 10x in gold, cropping up on the reels. If you get three of those on the same paid line, you'll scoop 1,500x for a single coin wager. If you bet two coins, the prize doubles to 3,000x your wager. If you played with three coins, it goes higher though, reaching the maximum 5,000x your wager.

What about playing the demo?

We suggest you begin this way, as you can work out whether you like what you see on the reels. You can also see how far your bets might go.

Switch to real play if you join a casino offering this game

You should find this gives you access to lots more games from Rival too.

Can you play it on a mobile device?

It's possible, yes, so check the mobile casino of whichever site you find it at to make sure.