Charms and Clovers Slots

Slot themes come in many guises, and sometimes you can tell a lot about a game just from its title. So, what do we make of Charms and Clovers? Settle in and make sure you have some time to spend with us, as the game does offer many features and delights. We review it here, from the game studio brand to the bonuses. Yes, plural…

Game studio revealed

It's none other than Betsoft, which is great to know as they're reliable in bringing out superb slot games.

They also give us a demo

They do, and as with all their other ones, you can play for ages to see how the game works.

What's the game theme?

It won't surprise you to discover the Irish luck theme in action once more in this slot. You can make sure you have a chance to find four-leaf clovers among many other Irish-themed icons for this game. Expect some leprechauns too.

A glorious 3D design

Is it really that good? Load it and see… we spent a while just looking at it because it was so impressive. Detail, sharpness, color… they've managed to get everything just right on this occasion.

What should you expect from Charms and Clovers slots?

Well, there are six reels to contend with here. Five appear as the usual format with three symbols on each. The sixth reel sits slightly to the right of all those. More about that later. We should also confirm the lack of progressive jackpots here. Mind you, once you begin playing, you won't even think about that aspect.

They've given us a wild clover to hunt for on the reels. This subs everything else you might see. You won't find a scatter symbol though.

Plenty of paylines to bet on

The payline count here reaches 40, which is way more than lots of other games.

Place your bets…

Choose a coin worth from two cents up to a dollar. Betsoft has also granted the chance to play from one to five coins per line, giving more opportunities for varied wagers.

Don't miss the paytable

We think you should always read this in detail because there is so much happening in this game. While we can review it in depth here, it doesn't remove the need to look at the table before you begin.

Bonuses come from reel six…

This will only show you a few symbols, separate from anything that might appear on the main set of reels. Each one has the name of a bonus round. As there are four spots on the sixth reel, you must find the same bonus mentioned in each spot to go through to that round.

Could it be the Money Wheel to spin? Might you find the Pots of Gold bonus? How about the Mega Symbols round? Or the Golden Bonus? Whichever one you manage to find, we think you'll love it.

Free spins might crop up

Two out of four of those bonuses give you free spins. The Mega Symbol and Pots of Gold rounds cater to these, while the remaining bonus features work in different ways.

An RTP going over 96%

Yes, just over, at 96.3% from Betsoft.

How high can we score this game?

We cannot think of a reason to rank this lower than 10/10. There is so much happening, it would be odd to go lower with the score.

How about some prize potential?

There is plenty of it in this game. According to the game studio, you could net up to 350,000 coins.

Don't miss the demo

The varied nature of this game means you should always try the practice version before tackling the real thing. It's that enjoyable, you could easily just stick to this if you wish.

Will you play the real game?

Only you can work out the answer, although we suggest playing the demo and working out how many coins you would play with, and therefore your bet too.

Does it look good on mobile?

It does and is available for Android and iOS. We prefer it on a computer though as it looks wonderful on a big screen.