Safari Sam Slots

Safari Sam Slots

You should because he is the star of this slot game. It's a sensational one to play as well, but before you do that, we recommend sticking around for a bit to read our full review of the slot game here. We have played it for a while to fill in the portions of our review, so you can get all the answers you need here.

Developer info for Safari Sam

This is another superb title from the Betsoft factory of games.

You get the chance to try it first, too

The demo game reveals everything you might see if you played the real version, although of course it does not reflect the amount you might receive in prizes. It does give you an idea of how to play though.

Yes, it has a safari theme

They gave that away in the title, but this must surely be the best safari-themed slot game we have ever played. There is a lot happening here and we have a superb opportunity to make sure we can head out on safari during the game.

Load it to see the design

We can't do it justice in this review - it's that good. Expect 3D graphics and lots more treats as well.

How to begin playing the Safari Sam slot game

Let's begin with the five-reel format. It doesn't bring forth any progressive jackpot prizes, but you'll soon forget about their absence given everything else that's going on.

The game includes a random wild, named for the random multiplier it brings with it. This ranges from 2x to 10x, with four amounts that could appear. The wild can land on reels two and four. You'll also get the chance to find a tree on the reels as the scatter symbol.

Paylines to play on

There are 30 in action in the game.

Coin values to sort through

Before you begin, choose a coin for each line. They go from two cents apiece to $1 each. Betsoft has also added the feature that gives you up to five coins per line to use if you wish.

Paytable access

Find the question mark - in the bottom right area of your screen - and you've found the link to the paytable.

Bonuses to trigger in Safari Sam

Yes, you can get more than one during the game. If three of the same icon land on one of the reels, they collapse and pay the three of a kind prize. Two new symbols then appear to fill up the spots left behind. You then get a chance to score another prize or two if you're fortunate.

There is a map bonus in the game as well. Find Safari Sam three times in the base game, and you'll see a map replacing those reels. Animals are hiding there, and you need to pick some spots to find them. An animal equals a prize, so see how many you can find before you choose a spot that says COLLECT. This means you get the prizes you've already found before going back to the base game.

You could also score some free spins

Watch the first line in the game. You need to find the zebra there, followed by the monkey, and then the gorilla, to trigger the Wild Animals free spins. No other order or positions count in this triggering combo. If you get there, you'll be able to choose one of the three animals to act as a wild. You still get a chance of those random wilds, along with double the usual prize amounts throughout.

What about the RTP value?

Betsoft has set this with a return to player value of 97.5%.

Our rating for Safari Sam

We like Sam and his game, enough to warrant a score of 9.5 points out of 10.

How much could you get in prizes in this game?

When you load the game, you'll see they tell you the maximum available is a massive 375,000 coins. Wow!

Play for some entertainment value

This slot game certainly ranks as one of those games you can sample just with enjoyment in mind.

Are you going to play for real?

Spend a while with the demo first, to see if it holds enough promise and potential to switch to a few real wagers.

You can meet Safari Sam on mobile too

Yes, he's always waiting for you, and if you try the slot on Android or iOS, you'll find the touchscreen controls simple to use too.