Viral Spiral Slots

Viral Spiral… it's certainly a catchy name for an online slot, and as it would prove, the game itself is quite the surprise. No doubt you'll be amazed when you load it… and see just one reel appear on your screen. There can't be many slot game boasting only one reel to spin, so let's find out what might happen when it arrives.

Play from 20 cents per spin

This is a little hefty given we only have one reel to spin… and only one symbol in view at that. Anyone who is happy to bet a lot more than this can reach a maximum value of $20 for their single coin wager.

Stay alert for the fruity bonus wheel to turn up

This is the symbol you really want to see on the reel. It is labeled as the Bonus Wheel, backed by an image containing lots of fruit. This leads the way to the wheel itself, which you can then spin to find out whether you're able to scoop a decent multiplier for your spin stake. The game also contains a chance at a bonus upgrade, with the golden part of the wheel offering the biggest rewards.

You must get the bonus logo right in the middle of the reel

As we played the demo, the wheel sometimes peeked out from the top or bottom of the reel. This doesn't count, though, so you must get it right in the center to go through to the wheel.

The only other symbol landing in this slot is a gold diamond, and there are no prizes connected to that.

What happens if you reach the wheel?

You can collect or gamble your prize, if you get one, with up to three gambles in a row available. Remember though that you might end up losing the prize if you find one on the first spin.

What did we think of the Viral Spiral slot game?

Could this one go viral? We doubt it, although it might surprise us. Red Tiger is clearly trying to do something different with this, and it certainly does give you something different to do. However, you can spin the base game reel for ages bef

ore the bonus icon arrives, and the bonus round itself can be over sooner than you might like. This does make a refreshing change, but we'd only play it between stints on a much bigger game. Try Viral Spiral slots today to see what you think of them.