Nitropolis 3 Slots

If a slot game tells us that we might scoop up to 50,000x our bet, we are certainly eager to learn more about it. And since that piece of information turns up on the loading screen, we were surely keen to find out what Nitropolis 3 held in store.

This slot does offer a practice alternative to try, so there is no need to dip into your pocket to play unless you want to. Let's see what it gives us when we load it ready to play.

4,096 ways

No paylines here - instead, Nitropolis 3 gives us 4,096 possible ways to line up some prizes. There are six reels present, although it might be tricky to see these to start with, as many of the symbols can appear over more than one spot on a reel. They might also appear in larger format across two reels. Symbols can appear up to 4 x 4 in size.

Nitropolis 3 includes the Avalanche feature

You've seen this one before in many other slots, and it returns here to help improve the odds of more than one winning combination in a row. The winning symbols explode and everything above drops, leaving room for more to appear.

The feature gets a twist though because another row of symbols then drops in from above. If this continues, you can get up to eight rows of icons appearing.

Nitro Reels in Nitropolis 3

These may contain several symbols of either 1 x 1 or 2 x 2 symbol sizes. There is a number at the top of each one telling you how many icons are included in that reel. This is a feature that is best seen and understood via the demo game.

Watch for special icons to turn up as well

Wilds are simple to understand and spot as they're labeled. There are redrop symbols too, which spin any Nitro Reels present in the game and retain all bonus and Nitro symbols in the process.

Finally, there is a Both Ways icon that does just that - causes the game to pay in both directions instead of just the usual left to right.

Free spins, safety levels, and much more still to come

With several Nitro symbols turning up as well, not to mention the bonus airship that can trigger between eight and 20 free spins, with sticky Nitro Reels and the chance of a retrigger as well.

With all this going on, it's no wonder the Nitropolis 3 slot game could turn into one of ELK Studio's biggest hits yet.