Barn Festival Slots

If a slot told you that you could net up to 20,000x your bet, would you try it? You can try it for free if you visit any casinos offering slots from Pragmatic Play. They're the creators for this one, so this does suggest a high volatility level - something you can confirm on the loading screen. We went beyond that to take this one for a spin, so stick around to see what we found out.

Plenty of fruit and vegetables

Not just your average cherries either, as it turns out. We have corn cobs and aubergines among the more usual strawberries and oranges. We also spotted the four card suits, so the game offers a decent mixture of symbols to hunt down.

Playing with a bet multiplier of 20x

This means there are no paylines involved, as you've got a 6 x 5 reel set to contend with. Plenty to look for when trying to form some good combinations there. You need at least eight identical symbols to create a winning group. Better yet, you don't need them all to be in contact with each other - anything in view counts if you have enough of them.

The usual plus and minus controls either side of the spin button give you the chance to adjust your wager. You'll play with 20 cents or more according to your selections but remember that all bets are final if you're playing for real.

Watch those symbols tumble

The Tumble mechanic comes into play whenever a winning combination pays out. Winning symbols are removed from the reels once they pay out, and the grid fills again from above. You then receive another chance to create another winning group. If you do, the same happens again.

Watch out for the golden pot too

We're not sure what's inside it… it could be gold, but it could equally be potatoes. Either way, you should know this is a money symbol. Every time it appears, it has a value between 1x and 500x. Qualifying wins could receive this multiplier to boost the value of the prize on that spin. You could get three symbols in one spin or collect them during the Tumble part of the game.

If you receive four or more of those money symbols in a spin, the Money Respin feature triggers. Each pot is worth the amount shown. The idea is to start with three respins, and you either continue until you have no more respins or until you've got each spot filled with one of those golden pots. Whenever a new pot appears, the respin counter returns to the original three.

When you're done, you'll receive the multiplier prize for each pot or something bigger if you did manage to fill all the available positions.

One thing is for sure - Barn Festival is surely a festival of action that is delightful to play if you're keen on highly volatile games. We're used to this from Pragmatic Play, so check it out today wherever you usually find their games online.