Posh Casino

Posh Casino is far from being your average casino. It stands out in one major way, as you'll see in a second. In fact, we'll reveal that element here - you need an invite to get inside the casino. You won't see much of it until you have one of those, since you're not going to be allowed through the doors otherwise.

We have done a bit of exploring to find out more about the casino and whether it is worth checking out. Stay tuned for more info here…

We know who supplies the software

Yes, the clue is at the bottom of their site, and it reveals the name Realtime Gaming. If you know about that outfit, you'll know that Posh Casino does at least have some excellent games in store.

A secretive lobby

You cannot see it unless you're a member, of course, but since many other RTG casinos offer the same games, we can guess there are going to be slots, table games, a few specialty games, and even some video poker in store. We expect the same categories as we'd see at other casinos.

Join the casino once you've got your invite

You can sometimes find invitations online if you look for them. Google could be useful here. We might even have an invitation code for you on this page, so check our latest info to see how that might pan out for you.

Do they have signup restrictions?

Clearly the biggest one is the requirement to have an invite code, but we suspect those from specific countries might not be able to sign up anyway. They do have terms and conditions that appear to link to another page, but they didn't appear when we tried to access them.

Games in the Realtime Gaming collection

Think of Bubble Bubble and its sequel, the three excellent slots in the Cash Bandits series, lots of festive and seasonal slots, and plenty more besides. You'll receive access to all these games once you can sign up with that invite code for Posh Ca


Watch out for top slots

We've named a few already, but RTG is best at delivering many varied slot games to its fans. You should get the chance to play as many of them as your budget can stand when you join Posh Casino.

Can you play some free games?

RTG is known for creating a demo of each of its releases, so the odds are that you can play those when you get inside the casino. As you can now see, getting inside is the toughest part of all.

Paid games take in many coin values

Since we know the casino works on RTG software, we do know that those games cater to many players. Just as RTG has games based around lots of themes, so too does it have games based on various coin values. Check through them in each game you look at in the casino, and then you can find out whether you'd like to play one rather than another.

Posh Casino should deliver RTG new slot games as well

Since they have the software from this developer, it stands to reason they should also offer their newest slot releases. Watch for those to appear in the casino at the right time. RTG is never too far from releasing another game to play.

Do we know anything about any promotions?

Not at the time of writing, no. These could be inside the casino, and we would expect Posh Casino to have a range of promotional offers and bonuses to share with its members. We have heard of free chips and other offers, so watch for those to show up.

Tournaments don't hit the news

Among all the reports we have read and information we have gathered about the casino, none mention any tournament action.

We haven't heard of winners either

Of course, some players will scoop various prizes playing some of the games at Posh Casino. But since there is so little information for non-members, it remains unknown whether any major prizes have recently dropped there.

News of payouts from Posh Casino

We researched this topic and found many questionable reports on the topic. Some say they have received payouts while others say they are still waiting. The topic remains difficult to write about with any clarity.

Little info about playing on mobile devices

The casino looks fine if you view it using a smaller page size on a computer. However, we have read reports that it doesn't work on smartphones. We suggest checking it out on a computer or laptop first if you can.

You must register for an account to play

Posh Casino doesn't let you see much of anything before you become a member, so consider the information here and what you can read elsewhere before looking for one of those invite codes. And remember that you cannot check the games before you join.

Instant play at Posh Casino

It looks as if this is the best way to play, thanks to the software in use from RTG.

Affiliate details do not appear on the site

Most casinos have a link for these at the bottom of the page, but that's not true of Posh Casino.

Zero sports or bookie services

One thing we can say with confidence is that Posh Casino is just that - a casino, and nothing else.

Blog/forum information

You can tell a lot about any casino by looking it up online - as you may have done when you found your way to our review here. You might also wish to read reviews from players who have joined the site, so you can see if you like the idea of playing there, or whether another site might be better for you.

Live dealer games don't feature

We haven't found any of these at any RTG casinos, so it is unlikely they'll appear at Posh Casino either.

Deposits revealed by logos

We can see various logos at the foot of the landing page at Posh Casino. These

include Discover, Visa, and MasterCard. You can also try Person2Person or a prepaid card, along with Neteller. Bitcoin is another possibility.

Finding out more about withdrawals

We've read some dubious stories about withdrawing from the casino. There is no info for withdrawing funds, not unless you sign into your account anyway. Timing varies and some say they have waited a while to receive anything.

Can you use Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals?

We suspect you can, but again, you'd need to open an account and explore further to find out for sure.

Help at Posh Casino

No help services are available unless you're logged in. Most casinos have email contact methods, but you might see phone and/or instant chat too. We're unsure whether those latter methods are included there.