Hallmark Casino

Most online casinos have one or two standout features. Hallmark Casino has plenty. If we had to pick one, though, we'd likely choose the promotions - there are lots of them and many varied ideas in there as well. Yet there is much more for us to uncover, so let's see how we can do that in our review here today.

Powered by four game studios

You'll find games to play from Rival, Betsoft, Dragon Gaming, and Saucify at this casino. We think that is a decent mix of developers.

The lobby is there when you arrive

Even though you arrive on the casino landing page, you're going to see all the games you can try on that page, just below the first few bonuses you can find out about. Below the categories, you've got a few trending games to check out, along with some recommendations from other categories.

Join the casino on the Hallmark landing page

There is a purple button at the top of that page, so you can use this if you wish. Alternatively, you can look for the welcome deal panel to appear near the top of the homepage, which also begins the process.

Signup restrictions for the casino

Firstly, the minimum age of 18 is highlighted in yellow near the beginning of their terms and conditions. Secondly, they point out that some areas require you to be aged 21 or over. You can only play if the laws in your area permit you to do so, and if your country doesn't appear on the prohibited list in the terms. They do not accept players in Australia, and several countries across Europe and elsewhere in the world also appear on that list. It looks like those living in Canada and the US can play, however.

Five game areas to explore

You can see all the games on the homepage, as that is the default appearance at Hallmark Casino. The other categories cover most trending, slots, new games, and table games, so there is decent coverage at the casino.

Slots feature plenty of games from those brands

Betsoft, Rival, and the other developers all have some impressive slots to share with you. If you look at the slots section, you're going to find all the titles there, with over 200 currently available.

It's straightforward to find free games

If you look at a specific title, it should give you two options - one is to play now, which is the paid version, and the other is to try a demo. You can therefore look for these options whenever you view a game, so you should find lots of free ones to check out.

How pricey are the paid games?

It depends on the amounts given for each one. Some have a cent coin as the cheapest one you can use, although others are usually available as well. Some games have higher minimums, although you can always check first.

Look for new slots in the new games area

This is fourth on the list of options in the lobby, so you can visit the area to see the latest additions to Hallmark Casino.

Lots of promotions to sort through

Yes, there really are lots of them - so many that they split them into different areas. The signup bonus appears first, so you can easily find it. It gives you a welcome chip just for opening an account, followed by a signup bonus of 250% on your first deposit when you do put some money into your account.

You then have specials and a bonus package to explore in other sections. You can also see many of the promotions displayed on the landing page, on those changing panels.

You won't see any tournaments

Hallmark Casino doesn't seem to go in for any of these.

Casino winners don't feature either

Even though you can expect lots of other features at Hallmark Casino, you shouldn't expect to meet any winners anywhere on the site.

You can read about the VIP program

The casino does have a VIP club, offering five levels for players to explore. It isn't

open to everyone though. It looks like you need to make a deposit worth at least $300 to get into the lowest level of the program.

Mobile and app features

We didn't find any evidence of an app to use to access Hallmark Casino. We did, however, find that we could visit the site easily without any issues on Android and iOS devices. It also displays well on a computer, even if you adjust the size of the screen.

Playing without registration is fine too

While we think you will find lots of reasons to sign up and use Hallmark Casino, you can try lots of games on the site before deciding whether to do this. No account needed, to confirm.

Instant play casino action

This is the way Hallmark Casino works, so there are no complex downloads to worry about.

Is there an affiliate program?

There is a link for affiliates at the bottom of the casino site, but when we clicked on it, it took us back to the top of the site. It's possible they haven't correctly linked it or given the information yet.

Hallmark Casino doesn't stray into sports

Unless you find a slot game based on the topic, you're not going to get access to any sporting events or sportsbook features at the casino.

What about a blog or forum?

We didn't even find links for those, so no, you can't use these features at Hallmark Casino.

No live dealer games

While some casinos offer this feature, Hallmark Casino isn't among them.

Find out about depositing at Hallmark Casino

The info section in the menu drops down to reveal a banking page. They offer Bitcoin, credit and debit cards, and QB Direct.

Ways to make a withdrawal

Bitcoin appears first on the list once more, although you could also go for a bank wire transfer or a check.

Bitcoin does attract more bonus potential

You'll soon notice there are lots of promotions at Hallmark Casino - and some of those have treats for Bitcoin depositors. Always look at the current promos to see if you can collect something like this.

Live support available

This does require your username, email address, and phone number, so you can only use the feature if you're a member of Hallmark Casino. You can phone or email them though if you prefer. While they do mention an FAQ, we couldn't find one.