Firefox Casino

Would it surprise you if we revealed the logo for Firefox Casino was a fox? We doubt it, and while it is a little predictable, the predictability of the casino ends there. We spent some time there recently, exploring every corner and page of the site, and we bring you the results of that exploration here. For the fullest and most detailed casino review you could hope for, read on.

Who supplies the casino software?

This bit was easy to determine, as the game studio's logo gets a prominent position at the bottom of the site. It's Spin Logic Gaming, which you may know was previously RTG.

What did we think of the lobby?

We liked it - it led us to the main gaming areas without overcomplicating things. Aside from the usual slots you'd expect to see there, Firefox Casino also has a range of video poker and table games. They've got categories for progressives and jackpot games too.

How can you sign up to play at Firefox Casino?

The site uses orange to highlight certain areas, and the color also picks out the signup button itself. Select this to get underway and start filling in your details.

Can anyone join this casino?

You might be surprised if we said yes, as most casinos have limitations in place. This one does too, and you can learn about those limitations by heading for the terms and conditions. You must be aged 18 or over to play there but remember that the country you live in might expect its residents to be older. If that is true, you need to reach that age instead.

The terms of eligibility section of the terms and conditions area is easy to skip ahead to, although we recommend reading all the details on the page before thinking of signing up. This area highlights the countries you cannot join from. Those in the UK and France can't sign up, but there is no mention of anyone in Australia, Canada, or the US there, which looks promising.

Checking out the available games at Firefox Casino

It's best to begin by looking through this area, as it provides you with plenty of possibilities. You can even search for a game if you like, which is easier than at some other casinos, thanks to the search box provided.

How many slots are there at this casino?

Lots, and they're displayed in alphabetical order. If you know the name of one you'd like to play, you can therefore head to it more easily with a little scrolling. The inclusion of the search feature makes it faster still if you know what you're looking for.

Free slots and casino games at Firefox Casino

We know that Spin Logic Gaming always supplies demo versions of its releases. This means trying a game is easier than it might be at some other casinos. Just make sure you're inside the practice or demo game prior to betting on it. They usually offer a message somewhere that confirms this.

How much will it cost to play some of the paid games?

It depends on which titles you look at. Many of the slots do have a penny as the smallest coin, but some of those titles also have 20 or more paylines. If those are fixed, you're looking at 20 cents or more per play according to the line quantity. Checking the coins and lines therefore becomes hugely important before you play anything at Firefox Casino.

You'll spot labels for the newest slot games

The casino has a dark backdrop, so the bright green color they've chosen for the NEW label is a cool move. This makes all the newest games jump out, even though they don't have a category just for those.

Does the casino offer lots of promotions?

It didn't at the time of writing this casino review. Firefox Casino did have a promotions section, but no information appeared there on our trip. We'll make sure this segment of our review gets an update when they start adding information there.

Tournaments are announced

The casino has a tournaments area on its homepage, so you can go through to that section directly from there. Much like the promotions, there was nothing to display recently, but we guess this will soon change.

Casino winners didn't appear at Firefox Casino

Many elements of our review suggest there is more info to come in some sections. Given that we found no announcements concerning recent winners, it might be that the approach applies to this topic as well.

Rewards are covered in Firefox Casino's VIP Lounge

Some casinos make it tough to get information on VIP status or comp points, but fortunately Firefox Casino doesn't fall into this bracket. You can check out the available levels that can take you from a Red Fox all the way to a Blue Fox, with perks available at every stage along the way.

Mobile and app details for Firefox Casino

The casino is fine to visit using a mobile browser on tablets or smartphones. There are no apps for Android or iOS, so you don't need to bother with any of those.

You will need to register for an account before you can play

This makes sense if you're up for some real wagers, but you need to sign up if all you want to do is to play the demos as well.

Does the casino work smoothly as an instant play site?

Yes, which could be why they don't offer any downloadable versions. They're not needed as the software works just fine via a browser.

Affiliate details appear via the given link

While many casino affiliate programs are handled by a third party, this doesn't seem to be the case at Firefox Casino. View the lower menu, find the link for the affiliate program, and you can read more on the following page.

Can you expect to see any sporting services at Firefox Casino?

No, nothing like this is available.

Blog/forum features

Neither of these appear either, but we bet most players won't be too concerned about that.

Real dealers aren't involved at this casino

While there are some table games you can check out, none of them involve real dealers.

Deposit methods you can use at Firefox Casino

This is a crypto casino, which means you can only use a handful of virtual currencies to make deposits with. Bitcoin and Litecoin, which might be the two most familiar of those, appear on the list.

How can you withdraw funds?

Follow the instructions appearing on the site but be aware you can only withdraw via Bitcoin or Litecoin. The remaining options available for depositing don't appear as withdrawal methods.

Is it worth looking for crypto bonuses at Firefox Casino?

Absolutely - and you can always look on other sites as well, as that gives you another potential route towards some bonuses.

Is it easy to find assistance?

Yes, they've got an FAQ page that's good to start with, while other areas including the terms and conditions and the banking page offer further info. You can also contact them via email.