Sam Sanders 6’2 Jr. Guard Cesar Rodney Delaware
Sam is an elusive slasher with a knack for scoring the basketball. He showed his
versatility by knocking down 3s and getting to the rim in transition and in the
half court set. A fierce competitor, he willed his team to the best record at
the showcase.

Mason 6’2 Sr. Guard  Cardinal Dougherty  Philadelphia, PA

Isaiah showed extreme poise, even in this showcase setting. He rarely forced
anything and was an exceptional decision maker. He shoots the ball extremely
well and has a knack for being at the right place at the right time for put
backs and steals.

Christopher Thompson 6’3 Soph. Guard Life Center Acad. NJ

When Chris wasn’t going coast to coast and finishing with an occasional dunk, he
was knocking down a multitude of tough shots (shots that for the most part were
well contested). Look for this kid to take names in coming months.

Matt Rista 6’1 Soph. Guard St. Anthony Jersey City NJ

Matt is a fierce competitor with a great understanding of the game. He was
excellent at getting into gaps in the defense and creating shots for teammates.
He’s also a more than adequate 3 point shooter that can get out in transition
and fill up a stat sheet by getting easy lay-ups or assists to teammates.

Joe Moore 6’1 Jr. Guard Paterson Catholic Paterson NJ

Joe’s athleticism and ability to consistently make shots was on full display the
entire weekend. Not only is he a tremendous slasher he’s better than average
when shooting behind the stripe.

Tarif Jackson 5’9 Soph. Point Guard Sayreville NJ

Tarif has shown considerable improvement since the last showcase. He did an
excellent job handling pressure for some of the bigger, stronger guards. His
ability to consistently knock down open shots was extremely impressive. What
Jackson lacks in size he makes up for with his shot making ability.

Reggie Thompson 6’3 Soph. Guard Middletown NJ

The first impression one may have of Reggie is that of a power guard. While he
is considerably strong, he displayed a velvet touch from behind the 3 point
stripe. He’s such a good long range shooter that he relies on it a bit too much.
When he learns to mix it up a little more he’ll be even more dangerous.

Charles Ayetigbo 6’4 Soph. Forward Burlington Twsp NJ

Charles may not fill up the scoring column right now, but he was impressive
altering shots, blocking shots and rebounding the ball. He showed that he could
finish plays. Once he develops confidence in his ball handling abilities, his
stock will rise tremendously.

Sean Yunker 5’11 Sr. Point Guard Glouster Catholic NJ

Sean is a tough playmaker that can take a licking and keep on ticking. He did an
excellent job not turning the ball over and making plays for teammates.
Displayed nice overall floor game and showed that he could make shots from the
outside when he wasn’t drawing and kicking.

Kelvin Amayo 6’2 Soph. Guard Hilliside NJ

Kelvin is a crafty and elusive guard that got to the rim fairly easily all
weekend. He has a knack for creating his own shot from anywhere inside the 3
point line. Once his decision making abilities improve he’ll be an asset to any

Rashaun Rasheed 6’5 Fr. Forward Atlantic City NJ

Still in the middle of football season, Rasheed appeared a bit rusty, but still
showed signs of improvement. The lefty displayed a much improved face up game,
putting the ball on the floor with either hand from 15 – 17 ft out and finishing
strong, He also showed that he was a highlight film in the making, throwing down
some impressive dunks in transition.

Derrick Gordon 6’3 Fr. Guard St. Patrick Elizabeth NJ

Derrick “Flash” Gordon is a blur in transition, especially when it comes to
filling lanes. He’s a strong finisher and slasher who’ll surprise you with his
ability to rebound the ball and punish smaller defenders on the block. He may
have been the best defender in the camp and his improving outside shot should
make him one of NJ’s best before it’s all said and done.

Chase Plummer 6’5 Soph. Forward St. Patrick Elizabeth NJ

Since making the transition to a wing forward, Plummer has shown some flashes of
settling in to that slot. He looked very comfortable from 17-19ft out (shooting
and handling the ball) and his size and strength make him an excellent weak side
rebounder. This kids shows improvement every few months. A definite sleeper in
the 2010 class.

Sheldon Spiller 6’4 Fr. Forward Pleasantville NJ

No matter the competition level, you can always expect Spiller to play defense,
rebound, finish underneath, and make free throws. And he didn’t disappoint in
the showcase. He also showed a nice stroke from 15ft out. This kid is a
consistent performer with a huge ceiling for improvement.

Kesley Jackson 5’11 Sr. Point Guard Egg Harbor Township NJ

Kelsey is a very dynamic playmaker. A ball hawk on the defensive end, he makes
life hard for opposing ball handlers. He’s not afraid to take the ball to the
rim in traffic and is a pleasure to have running a team because of his unselfish

Don Deleo 6’4 Jr. Guard/Forward Wildwood NJ

Don appeared at home on both the perimeter and block. Match that with skill and
you have a pretty versatile player in Mr. Deleo. He shot the ball consistently
well all weekend and mixed it up a bit scoring from three point land and the
mid-range area alike. Also an above average rebounder. Definitely one of the
better prospects at the showcase.

Rodney Brown 6’1 Jr. Guard Pemberton NJ

Nicknamed Mr. Versatility by the staff, Rodney possesses the skill to play all
three perimeter postitions. He’s an excellent athlete which enables him to be a
strong finisher makes him an even better defender. This kid has a tremendous
upside and a 3.4 GPA to go along with it.

Manjot Parhar 6’2 Soph. Guard Martin Van Buren NY

Unlike a lot of current players, Manjot moves well without the basketball. He
proved to be a very good all-around player that makes his living by taking
advantage of the extra pass and knocking down the open J. He’s very unselfish,
didn’t force much and usually took what the defense gave him.

Aldon Muhammed 6’3 Sr. Guard Queen of Peace NJ

This young senior will do himself well to attend a prep school just to have an
extra year to showcase his many talents. He’s a very good ball handler who’s
great in the open court. He gets to the basket better than most is not afraid to
go inside and mix it up to get a rebound.

One to keep an eye on.

Marquise Watson 5’7 Soph. Guard Piscataway NJ

Marquise is at first glance very deceptive. But once the ball goes up you’ll
notice that he is a very savvy combo guard that is way more efficient than
flashy. His progress over the next few years will be very intriguing.

Javonte’ Dickerson 5’5 Fr. Guard Atlantic City NJ

Javonte’ is a rocket in the open floor that can get end to end as quickly as
anyone we’ve seen in recent years. He’s equally adept at driving the lane and
finishing at the rim as he is at finding open teammates. On top of all of that
he can knock down the open J. He may bring back memories of All-Stater Frankie
Turner to the Atlantic City High School Die Hards.

Lawrence Caldwell 5’8 Soph. Guard Franklin NJ

Lawrence is a strong athletic combo guard with great leaping ability that excels
in the open floor. He has an above average mid-range shooter who defended and
rebounded well throughout the weekend.

Mike Newell 6’4 Soph. Forward Holy Spirit NJ

Mike didn’t need the ball to be a contributor on his team. He’s a tough
rebounder who clears a lot of space and isn’t afraid to free a teammate up with
a cross or ball screen. He has a decent handle but can also step out to hit the
17 to 19 footer.

Frankie Smalls 6’3 Fr. Forward St. John Neuman -Goretti Phila, PA

Frankie is an offensive match-up problem. He’s too strong for most players his
size to guard near the rim and crafty enough to make taller defenders disappear.
He’s a fierce competitor that’s developing a deadly face up game from 20 feet
out. Can string together points in a hurry.

Barry Spiller 6’5 Jr. Forward Pleasantville NJ

Barry is a pure workhorse. He simply outworked anyone he faced. If there was a
Mr. Hustle Award, he would surely be the recipient. He punishes opponents on
both boards and outruns his counterparts to rack up easy baskets in transition.

Tremaine White 6’2 Soph. Guard Life Center Burlington, NJ

Tremaine is a crafty combo guard who excels at creating his own shot and getting
into the heart of the defense for lay-ups and pull up Js. He can score in
bunches and is constantly improving as an assist man.

Isaiah Marable 5’9 Fr. Guard Atlantic City NJ

Though overmatched physically at times, the freshman guard from Atlantic City
proved he could hold his own throughout the weekend. He used his speed and
ability to knock down open shots as his equalizer. He showed improvement
throughout the showcase as a set up man.

Chris Lewis 5’9 Fr. Guard Willingboro NJ

Still in the middle of football season, Lewis appeared only a bit rusty, but
still showed signs of improvement. The Willingboro guard impressed with his
shooting ability and knack for getting into the lane. Should become a stronger
finisher as he gets older.

Lorenzo Smith 5’8 Fr. Guard Atlantic City NJ

Lorenzo, a strong point guard was steady all weekend. He played within himself
and didn’t force things. He attacked the rim when lanes appeared and was a tough

Barry Holmes 5’10 Sr. Guard Edison NJ

Barry did an excellent job of picking his spots all weekend. He was extremely
efficient at getting to the rim and converting and has a really nice stroke from